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Thread: NYC outing??

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    Re: NYC outing??

    Quote Originally Posted by alec4444 View Post
    Clearly you both missed the August outing, which was somewhere between the heat of the Sahara combined with the humidity of Borneo. Yikes. Agreed, more temperate weather would be a treat!

    i think we are just not a very smart bunch of LF users

    (obviously we are not to smart or we would stop carrying around 10+ pound cameras and buy a small almost fit into your pocket digital camera! i mean come on, you can do EVERYTHING with a digital camera....and if not you can sit in front of your computer in a nice WARM room for hours and hours and PS the shit out of it!)

    we should be making these gatherings in march and sept....NOT august and dec-jan! DOH!

    so lets set up a meet for 1st weekend in april...up here in ulster county!
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    Re: NYC outing??

    April/March upstate and Sept in nyc. I agree.

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    Re: NYC outing??

    Count me in.
    Have a great holiday.

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    Re: NYC outing??

    Nice shots alex. Beautiful tones. Unforetunately I won't have mine developed until after the fifth, and then theres the matter of scanning them. Arg. Thanks again to all, it was great meeting everyone.

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    Re: NYC outing??

    Hello All,
    Here are 2 of mine. Sorry the quality is not that great but they are digital pictures of the actual prints. One was taken at the Brooklyn Bridge and the other at Madison Square Park.

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