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Thread: Stolen Lens - Here's the REAL moral dilemma

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    Re: Stolen Lens - Here's the REAL moral dilemma

    Joe, I'm not sure I understand what you're implying, but here's the chronology:

    Sept. 22 I shipped it to Clarence in Ft. Smith from my PO in Enfield, NH

    Oct. 21 Clarence let me know he hadn't received it check of the USPS track showed an attempted delivery on Oct. 20; he checked with his PO and no such thing occurred. We spent the next week or so playing around with talking to people in our respective post offices.

    Oct. 31 I filed an International Inquiry with USPS, the required preliminary to filing an insurance claim; they have an outside window of 60 days to get a response from Canada Post, or not; whichever comes first, they send me a claim packet to fill out and return.

    November 20 Clarence notified me he was bidding on a lens on eBay and asked me to check the serial # of the lost one I'd sold him; they matched.

    November 21 I told Clarence I was refunding his money as soon as I had funded my PayPal account sufficient to do so; he asked me, and I agreed, to wait til the police reports were filed, see if we heard from the eBay guy, etc.

    Today, I refunded Clarence's money, which I will hope to see back from the USPS sometime in 2009. Naturally, if I ever get the lens back, it will no doubt be damaged beyond selling, since it now has scratches on it (Clarence tells me from having examined the eBay posting) that weren't on it when it left my hands.

    I am fairly convinced that this was stolen by someone inside Canada Post, and I have no evidence other than the speed with which it showed up on eBay, and the fact that the track Canada Post provided to the USPS bears no resemblance to anything that happened in reality, in terms of "Attempted Delivery" on Oct 20. Clarence has a PO Box, and they don't deliver things to his house; he goes to pick them up.

    So... does that clarify?

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    Re: Stolen Lens - Here's the REAL moral dilemma

    My apologies - I di NOT mean to infer anything on you. Not at all.

    What I was thinking is that it is, even with the two month time line above, to see a "lost" item show up on ebay that fast, one would almost think the "loss" of the lens wasn't really a loss, but more of a deliberate action.

    Who's deliberate action, I cannot say.

    I suppose I should point out that on a lesser scale, I had order two items off a web site, both at a same time, to go to the same address. The second item was never dleivered, and I too am having a "fun" time of it, except in my case, the loss was only $50 value.

    Still, the tracking number shows that the item was returned due to "improper address", even though the other time, same company, same address, came through just fine.

    Now for your message above, here's the part - and I belevie you totally here - that bothers me, especially in light of my own recent experience:

    Oct. 21 Clarence let me know he hadn't received it check of the USPS track showed an attempted delivery on Oct. 20; he checked with his PO and no such thing occurred.
    End Quote

    so, who "faked" the attempted delivery notification?

    That's what I find creepy Nothing on your part at all. My apologies agian, I should of clarified that, but like you also pointed out earlier, the people at Canada Post who's job it is to look after this have been out on strike right now.
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    Re: Stolen Lens - Here's the REAL moral dilemma

    Got it, Joe... I really wasn't taking anything personally, was just not sure if you were heading where I already am -- to concluding that this was an inside job by someone who knew how to punch in an "Attempted Delivery" that never occurred. Obviously a mediocre thief who didn't bother thinking through the implications of saying delivery to a PO Box was "Attempted"! My guess is he's supplementing his income during the strike by... well, you know.

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    Re: Stolen Lens - Here's the REAL moral dilemma

    Hello All,

    I would like to add, that parcels can take up to 4 weeks to reach me from the US. It is usually 2-3 weeks by Priority Mail International. The tracking is most detailed on the USPS site while the parcel is in the US and on the Canada Post site once it is in Canada. I believe their computers exchange information. The parcel was out of Canadian Customs on September 29, 2008. Sometimes packages don't get scanned in Edmonton on their way here. I was not overly concerned, but when it got close to four weeks, I was wondering. Since I was checking another parcel on the USPS site I checked this parcel on October 20 and saw that it showed "attempted delivery abroad". Since there is no delivery here, it means that a card is left in my mail-box and I collect the parcel (after paying any GST if applicable) at the counter and sign for it. When I checked the Canada Post site, all the tracking information had disappeared, and there was the message to call 1 888 550-6333. I did, and they opened a case file, and told me that the parcel was on its way to the Undeliverable Mail Office in Sydney, NS. They knew it was not "out for delivery" and that Canada Customs had assessed a GST levy on it and for how much. They told me it would be sent to me by Priority Courier when it arrived there and had been processed. They had my name, address and phone number. I called back a number of times and got various excuses, and so I decided that the lens was lost. So, having become very interested in the Fujinon A, I bid on an eBay auction that was cancelled 24 hours before it ended. I then bid on another auction, but became suspicious and called Amy. The eBay seller said that he had bought it from a liquidator's auction near Toronto about two weeks earlier. This means the lens was in the hands of a liquidator two weeks after it was "attempted delivery abroad". When Priority Mail International parcels arrive in Canada, Canada Post puts a new sticker with the same bar code and tracking number as the US Customs form. It is scanned at the Post Office when I have to sign for it.

    Did someone mention "inside job"? I have made a detailed report including pictures and other documentation to the RCMP. However, without the cooperation of Canada Post, there is not a lot they can do. The last time I called Canada Post I talked to a manager who was filling in. He knew the type of case file I was referring to, but he could not access it.

    I have to say, in the last decade I have had at least 1,000 items shipped by mail, usually USPS and Canada Post. This is the first time anything like this has happened.


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    Re: Stolen Lens - Here's the REAL moral dilemma

    Amy: Here is my two cents which is not worth two cents any more! I take it the item was Insured, If so the here is the sting of this deal , One you bought the insurance on the Item so to me you need to file the claim , Even thou the Buyer paid you to insure it , it gets dicey here, So if it were me and the buyer I would aks him hold his horse's and get the claim filed quickly, on such item that I sell I always have Insurance and delevery receipt on those things , so when the buyer says he did not get it, I can check to with the delevery agent and see if some one signed or what : Sorry to hear you have this type of problem, Just join the club on this one : Lauren
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