Is it just my Bad Luck with film or do black and white films have more problems with defects in the emulsion than color tranny films?
Since I started using large format (4X5) about four years ago I have exposed over 300 sheets of Fuji and Kodak tranny film and havn't noticed any defects, that weren't self inflicted.
In the last six months I have been taking Black and White and making prints in the darkroom. Most of the film I have used has been the Arista EDU Ultra 200 and 100 and I believe I ended up with about one out of ten sheets without some sort of defect. Most defects would be no problem if they were scanned, a couple of clicks with the clone brush would remedy most.
I decided I have developed good enough darkroom skills to move up to better quality film. I bought an assortment of films to try and here are the results so far.

HP5--Four of the 20 sheets exposed so far, that I have printed, have had flaws in the emulsion.

Delta 100--Two of the four sheets exposed so far have flaws in the imulsion, one was major. Out of date by a year, but was kept frozen.

TMY-2 400--Twenty sheets exposed with only one small pin hole.

ERA 100--Four sheets exposed with no problems. Out of date, but kept frozen. ( This film was Free)

Just my bad luck ?

Is Kodak the film that will have the most consistant Quality?

Mike Hansen