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Thread: Polaroid 545i question

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    Polaroid 545i question


    Can anyone tell me if the 4x5 Fuji FP-3000b, and Fujifilm FP-100C will work in the 545i instant holder, or do I have to buy the Fuji holder? Any manufacturers out the making equivalent substitutes sizewise for Polaroid? Thanks.

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    Re: Polaroid 545i question

    you need a polaroid 550 holder for these pack films (or Fuji equivalent). I use a 550 and have had no problems.

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    Re: Polaroid 545i question

    for the polaroid 550 holder you need you need film fp-100c45.. the 45 bit is the important bit as this gives you a large 4x5 print.


    ps here's a link to the stuff you want
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