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Thread: Revolving Lens(e) cameras

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    Revolving Lens(e) cameras

    a company i have some association with has sponsored a photographer here in London called Rob Carter. He uses a Revolving Lense Camera and has produced some interesting images in a book called "Travelling Still". I have been given a copy and I am fascinated as to how he has captured the pictures - the forward says in camera and with "no digital intervention". I have googled Revoving Lens(e) cameras to no effect. Can anyone shed any light on this?

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    Re: Revolving Lens(e) cameras

    also, more generally:
    Those are lovely images, btw.

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    Re: Revolving Lens(e) cameras

    In large format terms, Google Cirkut cameras. The Cirkuts are long since out of production, but some have been revived and are still in use. The Noblex and similar cameras are smaller, Lounge-appropriate formats.

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    Re: Revolving Lens(e) cameras

    Our high school senior class group photo was made with a cirkut camera.
    I've wanted one ever since!
    I have a client who owns an 8 inch Cirkut, I develop & print for him.
    I bought a Noblex sport (35mm) it's great!
    I made a neg carrier to fit the negs.
    Lots of people are stitching digital images now, so more Noblex cameras are starting to be avail. used.
    David Silva

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    Re: Revolving Lens(e) cameras

    love that expression "lounge approriate formats"

    thankyou all for your posts

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    Re: Revolving Lens(e) cameras

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