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Thread: Scanner Scitex Eversmart - Software?

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    Scanner Scitex Eversmart - Software?


    I recently purchased an older Scitex Eversmart (no Pro/Supreme or else) from a prepress studio in Germany, including a Powermac 9500 with the original software. Any CD or else wasn't included as the enterprise didn't found the software anymore. Now the harddrive has complete crashed and so I'm looking for someone who could help me in this case.
    Contacting Kodak wasn't a success as the told me, that their distributed oXYgen-software will not support the scanner - the company itself doesn't have any software and the only thing they recommended to me, was to get in contact with some other owners of a comparable scanner. So here I am.


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    Re: Scanner Scitex Eversmart - Software?

    Try also the yahoo group ScanHi-End. There are a number of
    Scitex/Creo/Kodak users there.

    Bruce Watson

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    Re: Scanner Scitex Eversmart - Software?

    To repeat what Bruce suggested, try the yahoo ScanHi-End group:

    I have a Supreme and oXYgen so I can't help with the software, but there may be others on the Yahoo group who can.

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    Re: Scanner Scitex Eversmart - Software?

    Dear Bruce and Ben,

    thank you both very much for your quick resply/link. I'll try it at the yahoo group!

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