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Thread: How are your ART sales this year?

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    How are your ART sales this year?

    For those of you selling your photographic art particularly through galleries, how have your sales been this year compared to previous years? The majority of my income comes from commercial photography but my x-ray art ( sales have become a significant part of the business over the past few years.

    I have work in eight galleries from Charleston SC to New York and Chicago. Galleries that were selling significant numbers of large prints have fallen back this year and larger numbers of smaller print sales have become the norm. Galleries that were my most active are slower and less active galleries are selling more small images. The total income is slightly down as of this date but not dramatically. A good deal of my work sells through interior designers so I don't know if the change in sales is due to trends in the design world moving to clusters of smaller prints or due to economic trends.

    How have your photo art sales been this year compared to previous years.

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    Re: How are your ART sales this year?

    No one selling photographic art? Thought there would be a few here.

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    Re: How are your ART sales this year?

    Not this year it seems. I have decided to take a hiatus from this business until people start spending money again. I have lost a significant amount of money at every show Ive done this year. I dont depend on selling photography for a living at this point so taking a few years off will allow me to do two things- watch more football on weekends and work on my portfolio. Im also trying to make a jump up to shooting larger formats than 4x5. Fun times ahead!

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    Re: How are your ART sales this year?

    Thanks Eric. I've been showing in galleries for several years now and have done quite well with sales. My wife is a painter and has done exceptionally well in every show. We have a joint show opening Nov. 7th and I have a solo show the 13th of Nov. The way my wife works it take a year or so to paint a show. Most of her work sells out at the shows so she has very little work to sell between shows. Nice problem! My sales have been good this year but I've not done other then a small show in a year or so. Funny but my work doesn't sell well during the first week or two of the show but after a couple of weeks it consistently sell very well. It's hard to anticipate how sales will be but would like to know what others have experienced.

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    Mike C.
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    Re: How are your ART sales this year?

    I just made two large sales thru an art consulting firm. My local gallery sales are slow compared to last year. Regards, Mike C.

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    Re: How are your ART sales this year?

    As I only sold my first print about 16 months ago, I don't have much to base this years sales on. I've had one group show here in L.A. which had one sale (not mine) for the entire show. I had my first solo show in August which sold extremely well and I've continued to get interest in prints by folks who did or did not attend the opening. Most prints that have sold were the larger, most expensive prints.

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    Re: How are your ART sales this year?

    My sales are infinitely higher this year.

    I sold a print.
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    Re: How are your ART sales this year?

    Vinny I appreciate the information. The majority of my sales this year have been smaller works unlike last year which was mainly large prints.

    Congrats Michael, Excellent! Good feeling isn't it.

    My wife had a show opening two weeks after the tragedy of 9/11. Her paintings are whimsical in most cases and the show sold over 50%. Before the show we guessed the show would flop but it didn't. Our conclusion was people want an escape from daily life.

    I suppose there is no guessing the market.

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    Re: How are your ART sales this year?

    The other gallerists at the Bergamot Station concur that this summer has been exceptionally slow.

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    Re: How are your ART sales this year?

    One of my bread and butter group shows just opened. In the three previous years I sold out at the opening. I couldn't make the opening this year as they moved it up and I had to be in Chicago. I will run by and check and let you know.

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