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Thread: LF magazines - which are best?

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    LF magazines - which are best?

    Hi all

    I'm living in Australia and there is a VERY limited range of photography magazines which discuss LF photography. Could list members please comment on which magazines they consider to be valuable resources and why, and if possible could you give me details of where to subscribe?

    Thanks for your wisdom

    Kind regards

    Peter Brown

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    LF magazines - which are best?

    I think the response is going to be pretty unanimous. View Camera has been an excellent magazine whose central focus is on LF photography. See to subscribe.

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    LF magazines - which are best?

    I subscribed to View Camera for a number of years, finally let my subscription lapse because the editorial quality of the magazine had deteriorated. After a couple of years I said, well, it's the only LF magazine we have, so I ought to support it, and just maybe it has improved, so I subscribed again. I am sorry to say that, on the basis of the last two issues, it's just not worth reading.

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    LF magazines - which are best?


    I agree with Neil. I would add that there are several good publications that feature high quality black and white photography, some of which turns out to be large format. So, in addition to ViewCamera, I often buy Blind Spot, LensWork, and Black and White. These magazines won't offer technical articles or equipment reviews, but I find that they provide a nice artistic counterpoint.


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    LF magazines - which are best?

    Peter, "View Camera" without a doubt. We have a similar problem in the UK, ie a lack of LF journals/magazines. I get mine from Robert White as he offers a subscription service, very efficient it is too! I understand that you cannot directly subscribe if you live outside the US, so Mr White is a godsend! Regards Paul

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    LF magazines - which are best?

    View Camera. I could quibble with various editorial choices (this photographer is represented instead of that one etc. etc.) but the bottom line is that Steve Simmons provides a very wide range of what's going on in LF. Additionally, VC is the only consistent source of product reviews and information about LF education and events.... The only other photog magazine I get is LensWork, mentioned in one of the notes above. Not specifically LF, but great magazine, a print gallery basically. -jb

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    LF magazines - which are best?

    Another relatively new one that's showing some promise is called "Photovision".

    While it's not specifically large format, there have been a number of LF related articles. They have also opted to stick with the "film" niche, and avoid all of the digital coverage that's taking over so many other magazines (though they acknowledge that the distinction is getting harder to make since many "film" photographers regularly scan their images and output them to digital printing devices).

    Subscription information should be available at:

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    LF magazines - which are best?

    I think Photovision is getting there. The piece on Sexton was especially nice. View Camera if you have to. I do. I also like Black and White Magazine (BW). While it's geared toward collectors and features all formats, "large format" is usually explicitly referenced when applicable. If you just like good photography and are interested in auction news, seeing good portfolios by past and present artists and want to read some of the best articles out there, this is probably the best publication going. Bar none. Phone for subscriptions (UK price is $69.50US, it's #3.95 on the newsstand) is 805.474.6633 or email By the way, this month's issue, while chock-full of ads for galleries, is still 144 glossy pages. I've subscribed since their first issue.

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    LF magazines - which are best?

    Another vote for View Camera. I've only been reading it for 3 years, so I can't really say if anything about it has deteriorated, but I get a whole lot out of it in its current form, so I'm not going to complain in the least about it. Also a fan of Photovision, Black & White, Lenswork Quarterly, Photo District News, and Blind Spot.
    So apparently my signature was full of dead links after a few years away...

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    LF magazines - which are best?

    view camera is ok but it doesnt excite me as much as it used to. I cant put my finger on why. I generally peruse it at the newsstand and if it looks good I buy it. If it doesnt look good it doesnt come with me. I like Photovision so far although (as mentioned) it isnt strictly a LF mag. I requested Lens Work at the bookstore months ago, so I could see what its like, but it still hasnt shown up.

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