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Thread: Shen Hao Large Format Cameras Imported

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    Shen Hao Large Format Cameras Imported

    Hello All,

    Our US Importer, Jack Holt, will be going to Shanghai this Friday to buy some Sh en Hao Large format cameras. You may call him now to reserve yours at 770-977-4 368. If you are not familiar with those cameras, please go to http://www.shen-h Regarding the US pricing and warranty, please contact our Shen-Hao US d istributer Phenix USA at 516-764-5890. Of course, if you have questions about t hose cameras, I'd be glad to assist you. Cheers,

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    Shen Hao Large Format Cameras Imported

    Here is some additional information:

    You can reach Jack Holt at or by fax at 770-971-3234.

    When you call Phenix USA for pricing info, please ask to speak to Allen Kessler. Cheers,

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    Shen Hao Large Format Cameras Imported

    Welldone Geoffrey! I wish you and the American importer all the best! I hope that more people unerstand that , next to a personal interest, I and many others now, we really share a sincerel appreciation for these beautiful chinese camera.

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    Shen Hao Large Format Cameras Imported

    Geoffrey and Andrea,

    I have just received a Shen Hao HZX-2A (the black metal version). I am lucky enough to have a cousin living in Shanghai that was able to get it for me (I live in England right now). I had been reviewing the positive comments both of you provided in this forum, and for that I am grateful.

    I've only had the Shen Hao for two days, and I'm new to Large Format (Lots of small format and some med format experience). That being said, I have to say that I am very impressed with the Shen Hao so far. The woodwork is beautiful, and the few shots I have made so far are excellent (I've got an old chrome super angulon 90/8). I highly recommend this camera.

    Thanks again to this great forum and the LF Page!!

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