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Thread: Quickie Photography Destinations

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    Re: Quickie Photography Destinations

    Quote Originally Posted by Hany Aziz View Post
    I wish I could join you at the Rock festival! Due to work commitments, I can not. Two of my colleagues at work are out at that time making things tight.

    I stayed close to Ogunquit and went as far as Portland on one day. Would look at the Marginal way in Ogunquit, and York harbor (Fisherman's way). If lighthouses are an OK subject (sorry Bruce) then Nubble light (Point Neddick) and Portland head are interesting.

    I did not go that far north this trip but as you drive on to your destination you should definitely stop at Pemaquid point. The patterns in the rocks there are extraordinary. Wish I could have gone back there but I was time (and distance) constrained.

    I had my 4x5 with me but ended up doing a lot of my photography particularly color using a digital SLR.

    Good luck with your trip.



    Thanks for the info. I have already planned a stop at Pemaquid point for the trip up. We will miss you. I'll bring prints the next time we get together.


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    Re: Quickie Photography Destinations

    San Francisco and the North Bay, Point Reyes National Seashore, Coastal redwoods and driving North along Highway 1.

    Salt Lake City with its major air pollution will have you down with sinus infections for weeks after the trip. From the pure chlorine gas in the air from the Magnesium processing plant on the South Shore of Great Salt Lake to the refineries, copper smelting and vehicle pollution you will be sorry you tried the place.
    I tend to procrastinate on stuff. One of these days I'll do something about it.

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