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Thread: Trip to Four Corners area - where to go?

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    Trip to Four Corners area - where to go?

    With regard to Antelope Canyons, skip the guides and just drive there yourself. The people who take your money will charge you an extra $5 for the Navajo Reservation permit and handle it right at the sites.

    I would also recommend Lower Antelope over Upper Antelope. The scale is smaller and more intimate and IMO, the light and shapes are _much_ more appealing than in Upper Antelope. I also don't like the idea of having to pay an extra $5 for each hour beyond the first that I spend in Upper Antelope especially since the fee for Lower Antelope is good for as long as you want to stay (typically 3-4 hours, in my case).

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    Trip to Four Corners area - where to go?

    Andy, a 210mm on 4x5 will work great in lower Antelope, avoid upper Antelope and a 90mm...wide angle is fine initially but you'll find a 210-300mm is the way to go as you spend more time there and find more subtle details to photograph...become very familiar with the reciprocity characteristics of your film,as the exposures are very long and most important be aware of the weather conditions, if it rains get out or you'll quickly understand what flash-flooding is all about...if you go for Horseshoe Butte, 75mm for the entire bend of the Colorado river is'll be fine in Monument Valley, just take the loop road and if you get turned-on by the area, hire a guide the next day for more intimate areas, their well versed with photographers needs....most of all, slow down and take-in the landscape, have fun, Jack

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