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Thread: Posting Larger Images

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    Posting Larger Images

    I'm not interested in destroying bandwidth. However, when people post images to this forum, most are "attached thumbnails" that can be clicked on for moderate enlargement, while others are huge by comparison and do not require enlargement. On some posts, I'd like to post an image that is a bit bigger.

    Is this forbidden? If not, how does one post larger images? Thanks.

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    Re: Posting Larger Images

    Larger images are posted by linking to a picture that is already on the net somewhere else.

    Like this:

    which is entered as [ IMG][ /IMG] (remove spaces in brackets, they are there to stop it linking so I can show what I'm doing.

    The thumbnail would be this:

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    Re: Posting Larger Images

    Quote Originally Posted by George Stewart View Post
    I'm not interested in destroying bandwidth.
    When you link from your own source, (hotlinking, inline linking, remote linking) you do not use this site's bandwidth. You use the linked site's bandwidth.

    I link from my own site for this reason and also so that I have a bit more control over my images. I can decide to drop my image links or change them at anytime through my own site. I do use the LF Forum's server to imbed an image or graphic when I feel it may add to this site's informational library.

    I think photogs should have a site for image linking/storage and sharing. I built my site for this purpose. I use a very easy photo blogging freeware program: pixelpost and find it to be a breeze to maintain and is reliable.

    Just my 2 cents.


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    Re: Posting Larger Images

    Web browsers are multi-threaded: they can download content from more than one server at a time. This happens all the time when you navigate to popular sites.

    When content is hosted on different servers, the result are generally faster for the user to download. If all the content has to come from one server, then the browser generally has to wait for one request to finish, before the other can start.

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    Re: Posting Larger Images

    I use this widget on my Mac to upload image on

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    Re: Posting Larger Images

    I remember that there were some hosting websites for pictures that allowed you to post a little thumbnail , but when mouse over it scaled up to full size image. That is not so distractfull for the image of the forum, still users can properly see the picture. Does anyone know what I'm talking about ? cause I'd like to remember how i used to do this but I can't unfortunatelly.

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    Re: Posting Larger Images

    Most image hosts will generate a thumbnail for organisation. Usually it's the filename with "th_" at the start.

    With this in mind, click my blog, as you see it's thumbnails that load the image larger. This can be used for bbcode (forum code ie [img]) for clickable thumbnails at any size you like.

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    Re: Posting Larger Images

    Test post. This seems like the best place to see how photo posting works here.

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    Re: Posting Larger Images

    Any feedback on improving on what I'm doing in posting my above image would be much appreciated. I will be looking at this in the next few days from my public library where the computers are much more updated than what I've got. (Pentuim III, 1.0 Ghz motherboard, 15" VGA monitor, rural dialup)

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