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Thread: "hand- picked" lenses

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    "hand- picked" lenses

    "But lenses are like wifes: you better try to live with for a while before you make a commitme " Does anyone see any USED "wifes" for sale lately? Not all Schneider 165 SAs are unsharp. But they are heavy! Cheers,

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    "hand- picked" lenses

    I have my own "hand picked" system. I buy what lenses I can when I can. I shoot with them, sometimes 100s of times, and then decide if I want to keep them. I currently have lenses from several manufacturers -- about 1/2 of them are older than I am -- including a Goerz, a Kodak Ektar and a Linhof Angulon.

    I think I read of a lab that tested ten apo-sironar S lenses and found 2 that they felt were adequate for thier purposes.

    Perhaps I will be accused of being a blind fool, but I can't imagine shooting with 10 near identical lenses and seeing much of a difference in my still life or landscape shots.

    Honestly, if 2 Rodenstocks out of 10 delivers a slight advantage in edge sharpness when shooting at a given aperture, are you going to see it in the kind of pictures you want to take? (I'm not talking test charts). To me, I wouldn't waste the time or film doing all that testing -- I just don't need a level of performance that I don't think anyone will be able to see in one of my prints.

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