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Thread: Yosemite Report

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    Re: Yosemite Report

    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce Watson View Post
    You don't have to imagine it -- there are live webcams like this one from near Tunnel View. That is mostly smoke with a little haze mixed in. A yellow filter won't help much with this stuff .

    I read a report that they cut the electricity off to at least some of the valley yesterday or today so that fire fighters could work under power lines. They are already risking their lives; no need to add falling live power lines to their workload.

    Oy. Poor Yosemite. Probably a lot of disappointed visitors this summer too. Sigh...
    And it looks like the web cameras are down now -- they are showing images from last Saturday.

    Bruce Watson

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    Preston Birdwell
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    Re: Yosemite Report

    Here is an update on the Telegraph fire from our local news. Not Good.

    Telegraph Fire News from Sonora, CA

    Preston-Columbia CA

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    Re: Yosemite Report

    For daily reports from our National Interagency Fire Center go here:

    And as for smoke, I photograph near fires here in Alaska just for that effect on the sun and light. It can make for some beautiful light if one is distant enough from the fire to not be in danger. Like this image I took a couple years ago of smoke and sun.


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    Re: Yosemite Report

    The aerial tankers have been flying out of the Fresno Air Attack Base all day fairly regularly.
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    Re: Yosemite Report

    Have my fingers crossed for lots of folks in the path of that fire.

    Two good sources of info for up to date status:

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    Re: Yosemite Report

    I hoping for the best for my friends within the fires' reach. Nature will get over the scar, but the lives in harms way are precious.

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    Re: Yosemite Report

    "I knew this would happen after the glaciers melted and trees started growing there."

    Do you mean millions of years ago?

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