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Thread: Handheld Large Format Photographs?

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    Handheld Large Format Photographs?

    Am off to Asia in a few days to do my hand held 4x5 work. Does anyone have examples of similiar work they could show all of us? Any portraits that were shot handheld with a 4x5 camera would be great!! Shot with flash, greater! Hoping to see something that will help me overseas. Heck even some handheld landscapes might be interesting. Been doing some testing with my camera system can post some of those for you all next week, the Thai stuff will be posted in August/September.


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    Re: Handheld Large Format Photographs?

    The first image is shot with MPP Mk.VII using Xenar 135mm on 4×5" TMax 400 handheld.

    The second image is shot with the same camera, same lens, same film, handheld, but I used a Metz flash (bounced off a white ceiling).

    The third one is shot on 9×12cm Fomapan 100, without flash, handheld.

    When shooting handheld with my MPP and Xenar 135mm lens, I'm quite confident about handholding times down to about 1/60s-1/50s, sometimes even longer times are possible...

    Jiri Vasina

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    Re: Handheld Large Format Photographs?

    These are really good, Jiri.
    Greg Lockrey

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    Re: Handheld Large Format Photographs?

    You are convincing me to reinstall the rangefinder on my Technika. Beautiful work, I only hope I might someday come even slightly close to the quality of your shots. Any more for eye candy?

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    Re: Handheld Large Format Photographs?

    Test shot in the studio with flash

    After setting up proper flash

    Fuji instant with flash at night

    Outdoor without flash

    This is a thread showing some shots outdoors without flash

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    Re: Handheld Large Format Photographs?

    I have a number of examples on my web site.
    When I grow up, I want to be a photographer.

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    Re: Handheld Large Format Photographs?

    Here are some I've posted before--

    I've attached something more recent made with the 2x3" Tech V, Tri-X 400 in a 6x7 rollfilm back, souped in FX6a monobath. I was shooting some seascapes at Hale o Lono harbor on the island of Moloka'i and had packed up my camera when this fellow came up from the shallows with this big 'Ulua he had just speared and asked if I would take his picture, so I pulled the camera back out of the bag, focused on the eye of the fish with the rangefinder and made a few shots. The scales of the fish look really nice on the print.

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    Re: Handheld Large Format Photographs?

    Sometimes a small folding disc reflector will do a better job of bouncing a little light into a face than a harsh on-camera flash.

    Most of my stuff is hand-held but I rarely use a flash, I prefer to use light I can see (natural or "hot" lights) cause I'm a little slow.

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    Re: Handheld Large Format Photographs?

    You should (if you haven't already) check out the truly great Nicholas Nixon

    A legend - often using handheld 10x8 and 5x7's for street portraiture - to me he sets the standard for so much

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