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Thread: Good day from Australia

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    Re: Good day from Australia

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and sound advice. I have spent a week away and am just catching up on the posts.

    Shane, I did not remember the you had just bought a Wista, but this could be fun for both of us.

    While I was out and about, I had lots of time to ponder and think about my next photographic venture. And I have been thinking that I may jump in way over my head. Tell me if I have completely lost the plot.

    I am thinking of getting a reasonably light-weight and packable 8x10 field type camera with a normal lens only. I have decided that with large format I really want to slow way down and concentrate on each exposure, so I have moved away from wanting a hand-held camera. I need to pair it with a tripod that can taken on my bicycle as well.

    Why 8x10, well, someone in their reply to my introduction made mention of moving up to a 5x7 so that contact prints of a reasonable size can be made. So this sent me down the path of thinking that with an 8x10, I can make nice large contact prints without a huge darkroom expenditure. In the rare instance that I want a larger print, I can get a local printer to do the work for me.

    Probably showing my ignorance!

    Is there anyone in the Sydney basin using an 8x10 that would be kind enough to allow me a 'look-see' to know what I am getting into?

    Again many thanks,

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    Lachlan 717
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    Re: Good day from Australia

    Quote Originally Posted by P. Lynn Miller View Post
    Why 8x10, well, someone in their reply to my introduction made mention of moving up to a 5x7 so that contact prints of a reasonable size can be made.
    Sorry, mate, me bad!!!

    Anyway, good on you for the new idea.

    Have a look at the Feisol cameras that Kerry is selling. I just got one for travel, and with the ball head that I'm getting, it comes in at 1.6kg. Should hold up to 10kg (i.e. half a bag of spugs). I'm sure that this will be enough for a bike-bound camera! Look at These are also as cheap as I could find for a decent carbon fibre 'pod.

    Just to play Devil's Advocate (again)m have you thought about a 4x10 reducing back for the 8x10??!?!?!?


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    Re: Good day from Australia

    Welcome from smokey California!

    For a lightwieght 8x10 take a gander at the Gowland. Very light and breaks down for transporting if you can live with a monoraail. Nagaoka makes (or made) a very light wooden 8x10---I have no idea what the bellows length is on one of those though.
    I steal time at 1/125th of a second, so I don't consider my photography to be Fine Art as much as it is petty larceny.
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    Re: Good day from Australia

    Jumping in is fine Peter, but just look at the price of 8x10 film in Australia, you will have to import it....

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    Re: Good day from Australia

    Try Gordon Undy at Point Light Gallery. He uses an 8 x 10 Ebony non folder. He would also know who else is using them in Sydney Town. He also runs workshops with Bob Kersey at Black Mountain Photographic Workshops.



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    Re: Good day from Australia

    Thanks, everyone. Now I am off to find an affordable 8x10 outfit.

    Shane, 8x10 sheet is not cheap, but I would expect that I would need to get most of my film from overseas anyway. I plan to start with the cheap ERA stuff which is about $1.50 a sheet.

    Next I have to get the goodies I need to develop my 8x10 sheets...

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    Re: Good day from Australia

    I went to buy 8x10 film from local store two wekeks ago. I bought some 4 months ago from them and paid $98. When I went there this time, they were going to charge me $136. I knew that I could get film from Badger Graphics a lot cheaper than that. I ordered 5 boxes and including postage ($70) and exchange rate the total came to $495 AUD and it took just 4 days to get here. I works out to $99 per box.
    If you're looking for a really lightweight 8x10 you should look at the Camera Richard Ritter is making. Daniel Buck has photos of one on his website. Go to the Show us your camera thread in the Resources section of this site.
    I have a Tachihara 8x10 and it does get heavy when your hiking, but I wouldn't be without it.
    Good luck

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    Re: Good day from Australia


    Thanks, I am bit overwhelmed since making the decision to move to large format. The options and choices are so many, that I have had to be very deliberate about the why and how of this choice.

    One constant is the format, 8X10. I have settled on a lens, the Nikkor-W 240mm f5.6 or possibly the Nikkor-W 300mm f5.6.

    Not sure about the camera, there are a zillion choices and most way out of my budget. So at the this point, I am getting the lens and a few film holders.

    Of course, there is also the little issue of developing in the sheets, so I am on a search for tanks, etc to get set for development.

    Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

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    Re: Good day from Australia

    Hi Lynn,

    So you start with a 8x10 you say. I envy you a bit My 4x5 contacts are indeed a bit too small for my taste. The only advantage (apart from size and weight - I am backpacking) is that it hurts less if you realize after pullin ot the darkslide that you forgot to close the shutter .
    But I actually wanted to point you attention to other than Nikkor lenses. Fo close-to-normal ones (and reasonably priced) have a look at Fujinon W 250/6.7 (not the 6.3) - it ahs great coverage and reasobale weight. Also process lenses like Nikkor 300/9 M, Fujinon A 240/9, 300/9, Fujinon C 300/9 or G Clarons 240/9, 305/9 have all great reputation and are very light.

    For the cameras (if you go lightweight) there are also Wehman and Canham (and of course others) - depends on your budget too.

    Be sure not to hurry - large format is too large to run away .

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    Re: Good day from Australia

    Quote Originally Posted by SMBooth View Post
    Jumping in is fine Peter, but just look at the price of 8x10 film in Australia, you will have to import it....
    Check with Richard White, from Mansfield, Victoria; he might clue you into where he get his film from. I know he does a lot with Blanco Negro, which I believe is in Sydney.

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