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Thread: PSD File Messed Up.Please Help.

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    PSD File Messed Up.Please Help.

    Thats what occurs when I attempt to open it, as you can see in the preview it shows the original file, I suppose that whenever its opened it gets messed up or when it gets loaded into a program, how could I fix this? If I can't open that file, is there some software that can help me get previous modifications of the file? Please any help would help ALOT, I spent 2 weeks on this project (and its still unfinished) and I can't start it over because I dont even have the lineart for it any longer.

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    Re: PSD File Messed Up.Please Help.

    It's really hard to see what you're doing from the video. Can you put it into words? Does just open as a totally black image?
    You seem to be clicking on a file in your folder that doesn't have a thumbnail, but a preview opens. You click on the preview but an image that's different from the preview opens in PS's navigator window.
    Am I seeing that correctly?

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    Re: PSD File Messed Up.Please Help.

    Try to open it in another Adobe app...then do a save.

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