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Thread: Hi from Vermont!

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    Hi from Vermont!

    I finally did it. The other day I bought a 4x5. It should be here the beginning of next week. I've been wanting to get into large format for a while. Been perusing the local craigslist, checking ebay, yard sales, and the like. But earlier this week I came across an Omega 45E system for a price I couldn't refuse. Got myself the body, 12 film holders, a polaroid 545 holder(useless now I think), a cloth hood, lens shade, a Schneider-Kreuznach Sinar Symmar 150/5.6 + lensboard, a 90/8 Acugon on a recessed lensboard, a funky clip-on lens shade, and a nice hard carrying case for everything. All in excellent shape.

    I'm very excited to start using the whole system. I had a dream last night about making lith prints from 4x5 contacts... and I'd like to try some small albumen prints. But one step at a time. It looks like I have a lot to learn about LF and this site has been an excellent resource so far. Movements seem especially interesting/awesome. I'll be sure to scan and post some of my first attempts when it shows up, bad as they may be. Attached is a picture of my new giant caterpillar monster.

    -Zachary Gauthier

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    Re: Hi from Vermont!


    Welcome to Large Format! You may want to check our Fine Focus Workshops. Richard Ritter and Bruce Barlow hold these workshops in the Brattleboro area 3-4 times a year.

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    Re: Hi from Vermont!

    Great deal, too. I saw it posted on Craigs list over the weekend. Have fun with it.

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