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    View Camera

    Here are some thoughts about the future

    offering a first class subscription to people in the US. This would cost about 40/year for 6 issues

    offering an online sub to people in the US

    dropping retail distribution. This is close to a loser for magazines such as View Camera.


    steve simmons

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    Re: View Camera

    I know from even large magazines that news stand sales are a wash, but do they not attract customers to become subscribers? Or is a that not so important for niche magazines that serve a well defined and informed community?

    About online magazines.....I might feel differently if I had a huge computer screen, but I don't......I still vastly prefer a real magazine to an online magazine. A print magazine is much more user friendly and portable. There are places I like to read that a laptop is just not very handy.....

    "Vocation to Solitude -- To deliver oneself up, to hand oneself over, entrust oneself completely to the silence of a wide landscape of woods and hills, or sea, or desert; to sit still while the sun comes up over the land and fills its silences with light." Thomas Merton



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    Re: View Camera

    As my interest in the contents of View Camera varies from issue to issue, being able to only purchase the ones I'm interested in has been a good thing. Removing it from retail stores will make a niche magazine even more obscure (I have doubts about LensWork's decision to do that), and I wonder if out-of-sight will lead to out-of-mind completely, let alone being completely invisible to first time buyers who are also unfamiliar with this website.

    As to charging $6.67 per issue for a first class mail delivery, if that's an improvement over the current delivery mode, it'll likely be very welcome.

    From what i recall of Magnachrom's on-line offering, though it was beautifully made, it was a pain to scroll through in PDF form. Besides, there are some favorite reading places that aren't available with an on-line magazine.

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    Re: View Camera

    My online service is dial up. I donít see that changing for many years. An online magazine becomes slow and painful. I will vote for the current system.
    Bill Kumpf

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    Re: View Camera

    Quote Originally Posted by John Voss View Post
    Besides, there are some favorite reading places that aren't available with an on-line magazine.
    They are if you go wireless.

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    Re: View Camera

    Here we go again. First Lenswork and now View Camera. I buy directly from the news stand aka local bookstore. I want to see what I'm paying for before I put down the dollars. That way I have control of what I'm spending my money on and getting the information that I wish to have.
    If View Camera does go the route of pdf files. It will be no big loss to me as I buy maybe 4 issues or less a year. What I do hope is that Steve will do as Brooks Jensen did and have a email flyer of what the next issue will be and that I or others like me can decide if that single issue is worth buying.
    I wish Steve and View Camera well and I hope to continue buying issues when I want in the future.

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    Re: View Camera

    As to charging $6.67 per issue for a first class mail delivery, if that's an improvement over the current delivery mode, it'll likely be very welcome.

    A regular sub is 25 so 40 is for the extra expense of first class mail.

    I understand about laptops not being taken everywhere.

    We could offer both printed and online to US subs so people could make a choice or get both.

    All magazine publishers have the fantasy that we can turn all retail buyers into subscribers. It just does not happen. The bookstore gets a small piece of the price but the distributor gets most of the money. We just get a few cents per issue. However, with gas prices going up people who like going to the bookstore may decide to have the copy sent directly to them - especially if it comes first class which would now be the same price as the retail price.

    steve simmons

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    Re: View Camera

    Well, I usually don't read from my laptop while I'm in bed. Never have, in fact. But novels, View Camera, the Bible, other magazines, the newspaper--all are very enjoyable before turning the light out for the night.

    Also, the images! View Camera comes to me on high-quality paper; the images have power because the printing process better serves the silver print than other media. How is a pdf on a glowing laptop screen going to produce the same quality of images?

    So, if View Camera were only available electronically, that would be a big disappointment to me.
    Peter Collins

    "Growing older is not for sissies." --anon.

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    Re: View Camera

    As an overseas electronic subscriber to View Camera I have to echo the comments made above.

    The magazine certainly loses much of it's appeal in PDF format, you can't casually browse, flick through etc. I would rather have a printed copy in many ways, but the extra cost in postage, plus the fact that post doesn't always arrive means the online version has to suffice for now.


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    Re: View Camera

    I'm not in the magazine business so what do I know, except that it seems to me that the web is the way of the future, like it or not -- and with ad-supported models, not subscription based models.

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