This is not a either/or or a bashing question. I shoot pixelography for newspapers and sports work heavily. I shoot 8x10 film heavily.

In shooting pixelography I have nothing that matches the sharpness I get from film... without having to 'sharpen' or interpolate what is on the pixels or whatever it is called at the actual electronic file level.

With film, I choose the lenses that will do the job, match them to film format, choice of film, developer and paper or process for printing. This is true whether I contact print or enlarge from the negatives. What I get is WHAT I GET, no 'interpolation' for sharpness though I can work with popping contrast in printing for apparent sharpness differences to a degree.

With pixelography I get an image and can choose 'in camera' sharpening or using digital 'processing' after the fact for sharpening in going to print. One thing I am told over and over again is to do all the work on the digital file and sharpen last, just before it goes to the printer or lab for printing.

Doesn't this make changes to the image I shot? Isn't the sharpening process doing something to change what the lens projected onto the sensor and the electronic crap whizzbanged around to make the digital file I can see on the computer screen before playing and finally sharpening to get it to a print?

What I see on film I can get on paper. What I 'see' on a computer screen is not what I get on paper, the computer is changing it somehow.

Doesn't this effect the quality of the final image in ways I may find surprising when going over the image carefully? Especially when I have shot the same image with the 8x10 and the pixelograph and blow up to 8x10?

Kind of convoluted and I am not sure of terminology with a lot of the electronic hellbox procedures other than I am stuck with them for some work while at the same time I can do some things that before were impossible with the film process.

"interpolation" seems to be another word for 'changing what the lens projected and the camera recorded' but is necessary to get a 'sharp' print even when it is definately not as sharp as the 8x10 contacts. The film records as I shot it and the digital 'interpolates' to get a close approximation, not actually what I shot.

Does this make sense?