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Thread: Your minimalist field photo kit?

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    Re: Your minimalist field photo kit?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill_1856 View Post
    Crown Graphic with 162mm Raptar, 3 Grafmatics, Tiltall, BTZS darkcloth, 5 filters, and a Weston Euromaster.
    (I'm currently planning a trip this Autumn with this setup, except replacing the Grafmatics with a 545 Polaroid back and the last of my #52 film.)
    It's interesting to see myself in an old thread.
    This proposed (and much anticipated) trip was postponed indefinitely by a little episode of quadruple coronary bypass surgery. Oh well, maybe next year...?
    Wilhelm (Sarasota)

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    Re: Your minimalist field photo kit?

    Drilled for less weight Wista 45N with folding hood
    Xenar 180/4.5
    Self-made meniscus 150/4
    2-3 Toyo holders
    Changing bag
    Cable release
    A few filters
    Minolta III
    Weakly Benro tripod with old 3D Slik head
    Notebook for field notes
    Thermos with briar tea - a very big friend of mine

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    Re: Your minimalist field photo kit?

    Wehman 8x10
    240mm G-Claron - orange/green filter
    3 film holders
    tripod w. 3-way head
    exposure meter
    Bottle of water

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    Re: Your minimalist field photo kit?

    In my case in 2008 it was a Crown Graphic with a 90mm f6.8 Angulon, 150mm f4.5 CZJ T(coated) Tessar, small Velbon tripod that fits inside a small backpack, 6 DDS and a Minolta spotmeter, great in the heat - high 30º'sC in to the 40º'sC - of Turkey and Greece.

    The Crown Graphic was replaced by a Super Graphic and the Tessar with a 135mm f5.6 Caltar (Symmar) which gives greater flexibility without a weight compromise. Both the Crown andnow the Super Graphic are used hand held where tripods aren't permitted.


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    Re: Your minimalist field photo kit?

    Linhof Master Technika 3000 and Nikkor 90mm, Nikkor 150mm (tiny lens) ,Nikkor T400.
    Few grafmatics and spot meter.Small Gitzo tripod
    It all fits in a small bag.

    Best Luis

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    Re: Your minimalist field photo kit?

    5x7 Linhof tech with 210 Xenar, tripod, lightmeter, filmholders..

    it all fits in a Lands End medium canvas tote ('cept tripod of course)

    I use a jacket or towel if I need a darkcloth

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    Re: Your minimalist field photo kit?

    Deardorff V8
    30 cm Goerz Dagor
    Filmholders, two to four.
    Meter, a couple filters, yellow and
    Lens shade.
    Dark cloth, notepaper, lens cleaning stuff, etc.

    All in a medium Kelty frame pack adapted for the camera. Tripod tied on top of the frame, weight 38 to 42 pounds, depending on food and water load.
    One man's Mede is another man's Persian.

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    Re: Your minimalist field photo kit?

    For me, bulkiness has always been more of an annoyance than weight, but smaller bags never fit right and end up being more tiring than a heavier well-fitted pack. So I just carry enough to fill up whatever bag I'm using to keep stuff from sloshing around. I thought about cutting some lightweight foam blocks to keep a lighter load distributed the same, but haven't gotten around to it- I don't carry any big plasmats so any weight savings would have to come out of carrying less film holders- but then there's nothing quite as annoying a carrying a bulky pack with no available film on a long trek back to the car. But my pack is only 30lbs or so with tripod so I can't complain too much.

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    Re: Your minimalist field photo kit?

    Polaroid 4x5 conversion with 135mm lens
    Fairly light?
    Chamonix 4x5 + 90/150/210mm lenses
    "Light" travel
    Chamonix + 47/58/90/150/210/300/360/500

    The "keep telling myself this is a light load" kit:
    Kodak Century 8x10 + 120/210/300/Triple convertible 12/21/28 (comes with very nice girlfriend assistant!)

    Of course the lightest option:
    Nikon SP 35mm RF + 25/50/85mm lenses
    My blog about shooting film in south GA:

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    Re: Your minimalist field photo kit?

    Toyo-Field 45CF with 150mm Apo Sirona-S attached.......~4.5 lbs.
    Gitzo GT0540 tripod with G1177M head.......~3 lbs.
    Pentax digital spot meter in Zone 6 holster.......~1 Lb.
    Four Toyo film holders in F64 case, 50 sheet box of film, cleaning kit....~3(?) Lbs.
    Granite Gear Backpack.......2 Lbs.
    Big Agnes tent......~2.5 lbs
    Poncho/ground cover......1/2 Lb.
    Sleeping Bag.........1 Lb (Western Mountaineering Down).
    MSR Whisper lite stove....~ ½ Lb.
    Fuel.........~ 1Lb.
    Map Case with map and compass.......~1/2 Lb.
    Food: Depends on the trip length but say 7 to 10 lbs for a seven day trip.
    Bear Can with toothbrush/paste, soap, razor, etc......4 Lbs.
    Water.....2.5 Lbs per liter (I generally carry one full liter when hiking in areas with a lot of water sources and 2 liters otherwise.
    Extra socks, lightweight long johns, small first aid kit, whistle, knife.....~ 2 Lbs.
    Hiking Poles.....1 Lb.


    Or about 35.5 Lbs not counting the boots or the clothes that I am wearing.

    Add ~ 1 Lb to the above total for headlamp and air mattress (3/4 length 2").

    Add another 1 Lb for the Harrison Pup Tent.

    So that comes to ~ 37.7 Lbs TOTAL for me and that's enough!
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    No art passes our conscience in the way that film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls.
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