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Thread: New Rodenstock web site

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    New Rodenstock web site

    For those of you who have been looking for it there is a new factory web site address that is now up and running. It covers all current products. I have not looked to see if there are old products on it. But it is much easier to access then the old address through the Linos web site.

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    Re: New Rodenstock web site

    Hi Bob;
    Thanks much. the downloads on tech data (for current lenses) is great. Cannot find data on old lenses myself, but I hope they do in the future. My 135mm Sironar N, which I bought brand new, isn't all that old.

    A bit off topic, but I love the free optics software. A few of my friends who build telescopes will be getting that link.

    Now - my only *major* complaint. Where's the link for the factory seconds sale page?
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    Re: New Rodenstock web site

    Is there a page covering older products?

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    Re: New Rodenstock web site

    Is there a page covering older products?
    Hello from France
    To the best of my knowledge, there is to date (2008-05) no official Rodenstock archive repository for discontinued lenses, unlike Schneider-Kreuznach where scans of old catalogues are publicly available.
    However, Mr. Paul Butzi (thanks to Bob Salomon for providing the material) has scanned various Rodenstock catalogues & brochures, they are here :
    Although very complete, Paul Butzi's collection refers to products available toward the end of the XX-st century, it does not cover some discontinued older products still in use use today by our readers like the Imagon(TM) soft-focus lens and the Apo-Sironar-W(TM).

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