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Thread: So, IS black & white photography on its way out?

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    Re: So, IS black & white photography on its way out?

    Quote Originally Posted by Erik Asgeirsson View Post
    This was recently posted on the newsgroup. It met with very e nthusiastic response there, so with the author's permission, I would like to rep ost it to the forum here.

    From what I've read here recently, it seems that a lot of photographic companies have drastically reduced their commitment to black & white products. Most photo graphy is done in color, and black & white has survived mainly as an art medium. It looks like black & white photography as it exists right now might disappear altogether as companies decide that it is no longer cost-efficient to produce pr oducts for black & white photographers.

    I would like to start a discussion about this topic to find out what other peopl e's take on this issue is. Do you think that black & white photography is going to disappear? If so, why, and if not, why not? If it does disappear, what will b e the alternatives for people who still want to shoot in black & white?

    -- Scott Daniel Ullman


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    I agree that black and white in photography still exists as a more "artistic" aesthetic, but only because with colour photography, you have a choice. However, there are still (and always be, imo) a large number of people who both enjoy/prefer shooting in black and white or simply appreciating black and white photography.

    Many times, a black and white image is the only thing that will WORK aesthetically, whether it's a photo in a portfolio or a photo in a business's waiting area.

    Then of course there are documentary-type photography that is meant specifically for documentation. These types of things are usually done in black and white, such as documenting a building for the Library of Congress, in efforts to get the building evaluated for demolition or preservation.

    This can only be done in black and white.

    For a number of reasons, both artistically and professionally, black and white will be around.
    It's reminiscent of times ago - it's a classic aesthetic, it's a timeless aesthetic.

    I believe it will always be around.

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    Re: So, IS black & white photography on its way out?

    Wow. An 11-year old thread. I think this sets a record.

    - Leigh
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    Re: So, IS black & white photography on its way out?

    Well, Leigh. B&W survived for 11 years. Heres to the next 11 years!

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    Re: So, IS black & white photography on its way out?

    Yeah, holy necro-posting Batman!

    I saw it and thought "WTH? color is in danger with Kodak on the ropes and Fuji cutting back, but black and white is in great shape with Ilford making their full line of films, their best papers ever, and plenty of great chemical supplies, Adox is coating excellent paper and maybe film soon, we lost Efke but Foma makes superb paper and, well, they make film, and..." then I saw the date.

    Interesting how that played out, really.
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