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Thread: Hello from Maryland

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    Re: Hello from Maryland

    Welcome to the forum and back to LF. I did the same several years ago, returning after a 25 year hiatus.

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    Re: Hello from Maryland

    Welcome to LF!

    I grew up in Maryland, Harford County, but have been living in Caifornia since I've taken up large format photography. I've been back to Maryland a couple of times this year, but without my gear (family illness), and hope to get back to do some photography soon -- I certainly the look of that "horse and hound" area of Maryland.

    You're possibly old enough to remember the photographs of A. Aubrey Bodine in the weekend supplements of the newspapers. Although his photographs are pictorialist, and quite different from the west coast aesthetic, and an early influence for me getting into photography.

    Good luck with your photography, and show us some photographs some time!

    John Clark

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