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Thread: Hi from scenic Jamul,CA

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    Re: Hi from scenic Jamul,CA

    Quote Originally Posted by John Schneider View Post
    Welcome to the Forum!

    I hope I don't have my towns mixed up, in which case this next question will be nonsensical. But, isn't there a HUGE pile of rocks along I-8 near Jamul? That would be a great place to take a LF camera. I've always wanted to go there but there's no obvious entrance other than off of I-8.
    I think I know the area you're talking about but it is miles to the north and east of Jamul. I have a pretty good pile of rocks in my own back yard.

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    Re: Hi from scenic Jamul,CA

    Quote Originally Posted by Wade D View Post
    Jamul is a small community to the East and South of San Diego. I live on a small hobby farm on a mountain top. My closest neighbor is 5 acres away. I love it out here.
    I have 2 LF cameras. A Crown View & an Anni Speed Graphic. I've had both for years but didn't have a place to set up a darkroom till we moved here. I recently bought an Elwood 5x7 enlarger which I am restoring into a horizontal version. It will be great to get back in the darkroom after 20+ years. I'm glad I found this forum. Lots of great info here.
    Hope I haven't been too long winded.
    Wade D
    I just joined myself. A long time business associate and friends live in Jamul. W. &J. Johnson. Been there for years. Small world indeed, not many places smaller than Jamul and you sure have some scenic photo ops without even having to pack up and go anyplace.



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