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Thread: Why we are the elite

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    Re: Why we are the elite

    Welcome to the fold, Dan. Don't worry too much about the arguments over photography genres & who is and who ain't elite, a "real" photographer, or insane . . . heck we just like to have a little row occasionally to see who is suffering from hardening of the categories.

    As long as we play with sheet film or plates, then we share a common bond . . . we are all Luddites to some degree.


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    Re: Why we are the elite

    I just spent 2-3 weeks in photoshop dialing in a image and what I was able to do (complex masking, split contrast printing) in PS would require extraordinary skill and patience (for me) in the darkroom, if it is even possible. One of my masks isolates the Golden Gate bridge including the cables used to support the load, that took a day just by itself. In fact the really high end B/W printers are gods in my book because I know how hard it is to make good print without PS. I know how hard it can be to make a good image in PS.

    Whether someone takes an hour to setup and capture an image or a blink of an eye snapshot is meaningless to me, so is format or technology. The only thing that really matters to me is the image.

    Bringing up an image in 20 minutes is doable but making it right can take weeks of intensive labor. The last 10% takes 90% of the time to complete and like Domenico says, "it's never finished" but it gets close.

    And I'm an amateur.

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    Smile Re: Why we are the elite

    Hi Dan, welcome to the forum.

    I agree that using LF is fun.

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