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Thread: Materials to make my own bag bellows?

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    Materials to make my own bag bellows?

    And I don't want to spend any money either... Well, maybe a buck or two.

    I have a Wisner 7x17 with removale bellows. I want to make a bag bellows for it to fit my 165mm S.A. Any suggestions on "cheap-ass" materials to make this thing? I was thinking of the heavy film bags some film or paper come in, maybe? Doesn't have to be pretty. Just light tight.

    Suggestions ?

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    Re: Materials to make my own bag bellows?

    I don't know about a buck or two, but I have used the material from a film changing bag to make both bag and traditional belows. The inner material is usually thin and light, easy to work with, and glues well. If you have an old one laying around, then your won't have to spend a dime... B.

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    Re: Materials to make my own bag bellows?

    I'm in the process of completing an 8X10 WA camera. I'm going to use the changing bag material. You can pick up used ones cheap. The inner liner in some of those isn't a light tight material, but the outer layer is usually a rubberized cloth that probably doesn't even require the liner. I have a Burke & James bag I'm going to use. The liner in that one looks like black cheese cloth. It would make good texture screen material.

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    Re: Materials to make my own bag bellows?

    There is a do it yourself camera company called Bender. You can buy a material that's similar to naugahide (sp) that's cheap. I may even have a piece laying around that I didn't get the time to use.
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    Re: Materials to make my own bag bellows?

    The better quality Weber Kettle barbeque covers are made of a nice lightweight rubberized black canvas that is totally light tight.

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    Re: Materials to make my own bag bellows?

    You may have seen these, if not good info on bellows making:

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    Re: Materials to make my own bag bellows?

    I made mine out of "ostrich skin" UltraSuede. Very bling.

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