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Thread: Favorite non-photo gear?

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    Favorite non-photo gear?

    OK, so what little doo-dads do all of you out there have that enable you get better photos? Things that are not specifically camera gear. For example, my current favorite is a pair of 21st century hip waders. Not big clunky rubber things, were' talking Gore-tex legs, neoprene ankles and rubber feet. Pretty darn light and go on in seconds. Warm even when standing in water that has ice on some parts of it.

    What are YOUR secret weapons? Time to share!

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    Re: Favorite non-photo gear?

    That's easy, when it's really cold out here in the northeast the chemical heat packs are a great. Due to poor circulation my fingers get very cold very quickly and the little packets have really helped me out.


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    Re: Favorite non-photo gear?

    Really cool business cards. A good handshake, and a nice smile.


    Gordon Moat Photography

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    Re: Favorite non-photo gear?

    1) Good shoes. Don't laugh, but I've seen the mighty brought down by crappy footwear. If you're walking/hiking with a full load of gear, high quality boots or shoes will make a huge difference. I like Lowa, and Merrill boots, and Keen Bronx shoes--all indestructable and comfortable.

    2) Small microfiber pack towel. Douglas Adams was right--travel anywhere in the known universe, but always bring a towel.

    3) Gaffer's tape--feel naked without the stuff.

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    Re: Favorite non-photo gear?

    You hit the nail on the head regarding boots, Barry. I've been sent airborne twice on slippery surfaces thanks to a garbage boot.

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    Is that a Hassleblad? Brian Vuillemenot's Avatar
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    Re: Favorite non-photo gear?

    My little yellow Garmin GPS unit so I can mark the location of backcountry photo sites and find them in the dark before sunrise, as well as find my way back to the car after it gets dark at night. A good head lamp is also essential when hiking in the dark to or from a photo site. I also like those little chemically activated heat packets for keeping hands warm on cold winter mornings- ah, so many fond memories!
    Brian Vuillemenot

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    Re: Favorite non-photo gear?

    A really nice buxom blond female companion...

    to keep whispering in my ear when I'm out photographing "ooh, you're such a great photographer and when you're all finished under that hot and sweaty dark cloth thingy, I'll..."

    okay, doesn't have to be blond.

    Seriously, I love my little digital clip on metronome.

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    Re: Favorite non-photo gear?

    Gloves for the time when I'm up at sunrise and it is below freezing out. I use some fishing gloves where I can pull back the forefinger and thumb to adjust my camera.


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    Re: Favorite non-photo gear?

    Good boots oh yes. And a Garmin GPS. I tend to wonder around with my eye on the horizon, garmin takes me home. The best is my wife with an MSR multi fuel stove, she makes tea as we wait and watch the light change, bliss in my world.

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    Re: Favorite non-photo gear?

    Suunto Tandem Clinometer-Compass. It's perfect for aligning and adjusting any floppy camera (which is my main use for it), and if you use the Rodenstock calculator or similar methods you can use it to find the angle of the plane of focus and to measure the swing and tilt angles on the camera.

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