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Thread: 11x14 film holder size

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    11x14 film holder size

    I know that 11x14 is the largest film holder that comes in a standard size (lisc o/fidelity style). I was hoping someone could provide the dimensions of these h olders including the all important film surface to edge dimension (the one that has to match your groundglass). It's been a rainy week in CA, and I've been cob bling together a 11x14 monorail. I pretty much just need to finish the back (he nce the need to the measurments)and bellows.

    thanks, and yes I know I'm crazy.

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    11x14 film holder size

    You are not crazy! Buying a new 11x14 might be!

    I can't give you the precise number for the film plane to filter face dimension--my one fidelity "medical cassette" has film in it. I can tell you that my ground glass is shimmed about .25 (1/4") above the groundglass frame. The ANSI figure is in that range, but I can't be exact. The dimensions of the holder are appxromimately 12 15/16 wide, 16 1/4 long (add 5/8 for darkslide tops), and appx. 11/16 thick--just shy of 3/4". Remember, this is only for the fidelity elite 11x14 labeled medical cassette. I don't know if they make another type of 11x14! I bought mine from B&H or Adorama several years ago and it was sold as a film holder for photography. Also keep in mind another important measure--about 1/8 from the top there is a light trap "bar" that will need to fit into your camera back. This bar is about 1/8" wide and covers the width of the holder. This is important for light blocking and to insure the film holder is seated correctly in the camera back. (*Note: I've never used this type of holder outside. I've read that they may leak because of the design, so you may want to do some tests.

    Let me know if you need more info.

    does the software cause the last line to

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    11x14 film holder size

    Sounds like a great project, Jeff... While you're at it and have the tools out, why don't you manufacture a few film holders? (OUCH!!! 11x14 holders are expensive!)

    If you did that you could make the dimensions to suit yourself... You can always make another back for commercial holders.

    Sorry, it's just another stupid thought in the middle of a loooooong winter... -Dave

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    11x14 film holder size

    Dave and Dave,

    Thanks for the response. I'm thinking I may want to try film holders, but that might be a little to much. View cameras are so simple, as long as you get the groundglass depth dimension correct and make the standards parallel (including the back) when neuteral and while moved along the rail. The cost of new gear is frightening! I know it's economics, Wisner wouldn't sell twice as many if he cut the price in half, so why should he.

    When I finish the camera, I'll post some pictures somewhere.

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    11x14 film holder size

    For anyone into building or repairing, most of the hard to find parts can be found at

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    11x14 film holder size


    11x14 got shelved. Thanks to all who replied.

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