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Thread: Checking LF gear as baggage

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    Re: Checking LF gear as baggage

    Hand luggage seems to be the only sure way to go. Though the main problem (North America, Africa, Middle East) is being taken for someone who intends to exercise his profession. My solution has been to travel only with a wooden camera complete with rubber bulb and dark-cloth in a brief-case. "Does that thing still take pictures?". I pack a swivel plate (Novoflex) and film holders in check-in luggage and get the tripod legs from video rental. Don't take Hasselblads, a Technica or a monorail anywhere abroad without a 'carnet' and invoices - and even then expect hassle.

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    Re: Checking LF gear as baggage

    DO NOT check camera gear. I was robbed by the TSA last year when flying and they decided to take my digital SLR and lenses (which were in with my LF gear) out of my pelican case, seal it up and send it on its way. The airline (american) was no help since photo gear is not covered. In fact, the only thing that the airline will cover is clothing up to I think $1000.00 and some toiletries. I filed an inquiry with the US government and they promptly told me to 'cease action against the United States' and that was it. Lawyers couldn't help, my congressman couldn't help. I was just screwed.

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    Re: Checking LF gear as baggage

    I would worry much more about theft than potential damage. A Pelican case is quite well made to protect gear. At least two of the airports I have traveled through on a regular basis have busted major theft rings in the last several years. Also, the airlines insurance value on gear is quite a bit too low for anything beyond a tripod and some clothes.


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    Re: Checking LF gear as baggage

    I've travelled internationally with LF gear many times. I usually check cameras (especially 8x10 larger) - there are plenty of options - Pelican, and many others. Parker cases offer very good strengh to weight ratio for larger cameras. I almost always now carry my lenses in hand luggage. I also use the TSA locks now- not sure if it helps. I've never had anything taken out of "photo gear" checked baggage, but I did have a Mamiya 7 lens and an Arca Monoball ball stolen out of a case full of clothing a couple of years back. Pretty annoying. Make sure you carry you own insurance for your gear - it's the only way you can travel with some piece of mind.

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