hi all,

here is a discussion about shooting in philly.:


i was there tis past weekend. it is great! i went to the navy yard and to the ESP prison (http://www.easternstate.org/). the prison was not fully opened...only tours. it will be fully opened in april. 10-5 daily. we can stay all day and use tripods. weekdays are better than weekends as far as crowds go. i have some awesome 35mm shots of this place! it is fantasic to shoot. i will scan some tonight and post a link when i get em scanned. the navy yard was great too! no one bothered me at all. old buildings and navy ships abound! i was on site for about 3 hours and no one said anything....even when i was shooting from an empty flatbed 18 wheeler trailer!

i am going to go in april again. may is too full for me already. april 19th weekend i/we will be in NH for a shoot:


i think if we can hit it on a week day that would be best as far as crowds go at the prison. we could hit the navy yard on the weekend with no problems with crowds...it is a huge place. i am thinking some fri-sat or sun- mon combination. i got a $60 room at the sheriton down town philly. i may try for a cheaper room out of town a bit further this time.

is any particular combination better for you guys? what weekend would be best? i will post this on LF forums also. let me know.