Well, I'm about to sell off the rest of my Canon L glass and tilt-shift lenses and a bunch of other odds and ends in order to take advantage of the current Kodak rebate on Creo scanners. After doing a head to head comparison of the Imacon 949 and Creo iQSmart3 (thanks Ted), I'm pretty convinced the flatbed is the way to go. The Dmax of the iQSmart3 just smoked the Imacon, and if I decide to move up to 5x7 or 8x10 in the future, my scanner will not become a limitation. However, the iQ3 is out of my price range (err, I just don't have enough L-glass to cover the cost) but the iQ2 fits nicely. Unfortunately, I was not able to demo an iQ2 so was hoping someone on this forum with real world experience using the iQ2 might comment. The Kodak literature is not all that great. Other than giving up a bit of optical resolution and an anti-newton plate, are there other sacrifices? For example, what are the differences between oXygen and oXygen lite? Is the iQ2 a true 16-bit scanner; Kodak literature is a bit scant on this detail? Finally, for early adopters of the scanner, how has the maintenance/robustness been. Is Kodak's tech support all that useful? The rebate does not end until June 30th, so I still have some time to finalize the decision.