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Thread: Screen Cezanne Users Unite

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    Re: Screen Cezanne Users Unite

    Adaptec ASC-29160 is the 68pin which is what I received. Does anyone have experience using this card. I understand that screen support Adaptec ASC-29160n which is the 50pin I'm curious if I can use a 68pin to 50 pin adapter. Adaptec is using the same drive for both cards.

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    Re: Screen Cezanne Users Unite

    Any one want to share a manual for the s5000?

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    Re: Screen Cezanne Users Unite

    So I have been looking for a 29160N for a second G4 for a while. I ended up finding a 29160 which from my research is the 64-bit version, or something to that effect. I bought it and tried it out with my Cezanne, assuming it would be backwards compatible to 32-bit...and it doesn't work. It detects the scanner and everything seems to connect but then it won't preview and errors out. So I would possibly avoid that one. And if you see a 32-bit N model...I need it!

    The sucky thing is a 32-bit model came up on eBay while I waited for the 64-bit one I bought to arrive. By the time I figured out it wouldn't work it got sold .

    Be careful, the one in my G4 is a model ADP, not ASC. I believe, but am not 100% sure, that the ASC model is for PC and the ADP is for MAC. Mine has a sticker that says MAC on it. Many of the ASC ones I've seen say DELL.
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