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Thread: Refinishing Linhof Tech III

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    Refinishing Linhof Tech III

    I have a Linhof Tech III, later version and the metal body parts are pitted. It looks like the metal parts are plated and it is this plating that is pitted and lifting. Can anyone advise me what metal these cameras are made of and if it can be refinished/polished? The leather like covering needs to be replaced also. Is there a supplier that sells this? Thanks ...... Jack

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    Refinishing Linhof Tech III

    Hi J.L. A good source for leather is Micro Tools ( at (800) 359-2878. They have both real leather and a very good imitation leather with self adhesive back. Both work well. I used the real leather to redo a Tech V but it's had to tell the difference betwen the two and the self adhesive version is a lot easier to use. They often show up at camera shows where you can look at samples of both. As for the metal, I haven't heard of anything that works. A friend just sanded the area smooth and covered with clear nail polish - looked pretty good and seemed to stop the corosion. Good luck!

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