I'm trying to scan 8x10 negatives on my Epson 4990, What's the best way to do this? There is no holder for 8x10 included with the scanner, only a thin rubber/plastic 'guide', but if I place the film directly on the glass, isn't that below the scanner's focus point? all the other holders suspend the film above the glass by a few millimeters, even my 'better scanning' holder with the anti-newton ring glass, which I tested and found the optimal distance from the glass for my 4x5 scans. There is no 'better scanning' holder for 8x10

How are you 8x10 guys scanning your film with a 4990? I'd like to get the most resolution possible, for large digital prints. I can successfully scan my 4x5's in at 3x (maybe a bit more) enlargement with no problems and still have a nice image, I'm confident that I can do the same with the 8x10's, but keeping the film flat and being in-focus might be an issue? Should I just tape the film to the scanner glass? Pick up another sheets of glass and tape the film to that?

Thanks for advice!