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Thread: Rodney Lough Jr.

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    Re: Rodney Lough Jr.

    That's a lovely dune image on your website Harley.

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    Re: Rodney Lough Jr.

    Thanks Joe!

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    Re: Rodney Lough Jr.

    Quote Originally Posted by QT Luong View Post
    "Lilly" has been banned. I suggest that regardless of legitimate suspicions that have arisen, forum participants take the high road and stop bringing up the "Lilly" incident, since this is not productive.
    QT, Ted, I really hope you will allow this post. I have remained silent about the issue until now, and I'd like to speak up in attempt to clear the air.

    The entire "Lilly" issue is very ironic. When Rodney called me to say that the PopPhoto article was finally on the newsstands, I told him that I'd make an announcement on this forum since he has never been a member. But when I went to do so, I saw that Lilly had already done so and generated quite a controversy. I emailed Rodney the post for him to follow.

    Rodney was then placed in a rather awkward situation—to prove that he doesn’t know someone. Lilly emailed Rodney--just as some members of this forum suggested. She apologized for what was transpiring on the forum. I should know; Rodney forwarded me her email. So yes, Lilly has had contact with Rodney, but as Rodney has stated emphatically, both privately to Ted and publicly on this forum--he doesn't know her.

    This brings me to my final point, which you could only know if you know Rodney—he is the straightest shooter I know. If he wanted to make an announcement on this forum, he wouldn’t sign up with a pseudonym and pretend to be a woman; he would sign up using his own name. Simply put, he is the last person I know who would resort to this sort of childish, deceitful, self-promoting behavior.

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