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Thread: What film processing method

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    What film processing method

    I'm just returning to darkroom work after an 18 year gap, I got carried away on the digital bandwagon, and frankly it's rubbish!

    When I used to process B/W sheet film for a professional lab we used to use deep tanks, with the film in hangers held in a metal cage and work in the dark. I think they would be a little uneconomical for my own use, with just a few sheets now and again.
    What is the method most people use for processing 5x4 film these days?

    p.s Iv'e just picked up a De vere 504 for £150, I can't believe how cheap all this stuff is these days.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: What film processing method

    Paterson orbital processor with separators - 4 sheets
    Job 2509n in Jobo CPE - 4 to 6 sheets

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    Re: What film processing method

    I process sheet film in trays, shuffling through five at a time. I tried hangers, but had problems with surge.
    I've never tried any of the Jobo tanks, which some people like, because they're out of my price range.
    If you don't mind standing in total darkness throughout the processing time, trays is the way to go

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    Re: What film processing method

    Try the Combi Plan. Robert White sells them. It takes a little time to learn the system but works quite well.

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    Re: What film processing method

    In a recent poll here tray processing was one of the most popular methods. In the Free Articles section of the View Camera web site there is a step by step set of instructions on my tray processing procedure.

    steve simmons

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    Re: What film processing method

    If you cannot afford a Jobo, try the BTZS tubes. They are the most reliable way to obtain even negatives without scratches after brush development. I use a Jobo CPP2 with the pro tubes and it works great...I don't know what I am going to do when it craps out..

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    Re: What film processing method

    Like the others, I can't say good enough things about the Jobo CPP2 and an expert 3010 drum. Color, black and white, infrared…it does it all very well.

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    Re: What film processing method

    I use unicolor drums and motorized roller which are not only cheap but I get better results then with the Jobo 3010 (hand rolled no wonder)?? I used for a while there.

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    Re: What film processing method

    I use trays, the Nikor daylight sheet film tank (only available used these days), and tanks and hangers, depending on what I have to do, what format I'm shooting, etc. If I were only doing a few sheets of 4x5" occasionally, I'd use trays or the Nikor tank.

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    Re: What film processing method

    I use the Unicolor drum and electic roller. They're dirt cheap on ebay and hold 4 sheets of 4X5 with home made spacers or 2 without, 2 of 5X7 or one 8X10. Load it up, fill it, go have a cold one while it does the work. Everything but loading the film is done in daylight. If you go this route, you want the print drum, not the film drum. Sounds weird, but there's a reason.

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