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Thread: Juried art shows

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    Juried art shows

    Can anyone suggest a good way of submitting photo samples to juried art shows wh en sending an application? Thankyou .... Jack

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    Juried art shows

    The guidelines for entry into the show should tell you what they want to see from you for the jurying process. The majority of shows I have done request high quality 35mm slides of a representative sample of your work, usually 3-5 different images. Most jurying takes place by projecting these slides in front of the judges.

    They may want to see slides of the finished framed photo, minus the glass of course, or slides of matted prints, or slides just of the print.

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    Juried art shows

    J.L.: The slides for juried art shows are a bit critical for the better shows and can make the difference between being accepted or not. It is the only chance for the judges to see your work. In my opinion, it is slightly less critical for photographers where the number of applicants are fewer than other catagories, such as watercolor artists. Still the chance are a lot better with good slides. I do from 12 to 18 shows a year, and nearly all require slides of both the work and the display booth with prints in place. I have not had requests from the shows I do as to whether the prints be framed before making slides, but it makes a better impression. I suggest the following: Mat and frame the prints without glass and place in front of a gray or dark colored background. Don't use white. The white will be a blast of light on the viewing screen. The camera should be perfectly centered and square with the keystoning. Use either open shade or artificial light. I suggest open shade for a more shadowless image. I would bracket a stop on either side of the metered reading. Make slides of five or six of your best images. If you are planning to do several shows, select the best of the slides and either copy them or have a half-dozen or so copies made of each. Many times the shows will hold the slides for awhile and may even return them to you at the show. They are not really concerned that you have only one copy...they expect you to have more than one. You could have all six slide copies out at one time being judged if you apply for several shows. Use white plastic slide mounts and write your name and "front" on each.

    Hope this helps. E-mail me if you have further questions.

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