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Thread: Printing Litho Doutones - Checking Up

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    Printing Litho Doutones - Checking Up

    I haven't had the occasion to print any duotones on a real printing press in years, so I am wondering if anyone has any recent experience with CS3 and InDesign and modern prepress operations?

    I am looking for a nice clean bullet proof combination -- I am think PMS 415 with a tweak of the curve to deepen the 415 midtone and lighten the Black midtone. Save as a Photoshop eps with ASCII85 checked, place into InDesign and submit the collected folder with the source files rather than trying to set up a PDF... no proofing possible (other than lasers) and attend the press proof looking for good coverage and solid blacks. Printing on heavy white glossy 14-pt stock, a bunch of postcards set up on a 12x18 sheet.

    I used to work in print production but like I said it's been probably 10 years since I last did a nice quality duotone... so any recent practical experiences would be good to hear about. Thanks

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    Re: Printing Litho Doutones - Checking Up

    err learned I can use PSD files instead of EPS... and InDesign doesn't crash with PSDs... hmmm

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    Re: Printing Litho Doutones - Checking Up

    Just to confirm that I have used the process you outlined (saving the PS duotones as .eps) for years in both InDesign and Quark with no problems. The files have been sent to various Offset Printing firms and I've never had a complaint or a problem. On the other hand, I have not experienced any crashes with the .eps files in InDesign that you apparently seem to be getting. Not sure what that's about.

    Also, I completely forget that it's possible to insert a native PSD file--old habits die hard. I would probably contact my printer to ask if that method is something they're comfortable with.

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