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Thread: Ikea Clip Frames

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    Re: Ikea Clip Frames

    I don't have an Ikea near me. Are these frames or the equivalent available over the Internet? 16x20 would be a nice size.

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    Re: Ikea Clip Frames

    Quote Originally Posted by Charles Hohenstein View Post
    I don't have an Ikea near me. Are these frames or the equivalent available over the Internet? 16x20 would be a nice size.
    According to

    "Sorry, this product is not for sale on our website, check if it is available in your local store."

    But, long ago, I bought similar clip frames from Crate and Barrel, so other places might have them.


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    Re: Ikea Clip Frames

    personally, I like the look of clip frames. I have a few personal and family type photos in clip frames as well as two 'real photos' of mine in clip frames. The bigger they are the easier they break seems to be the general rule of thumb. Also, just about every show I've contributed to has had in the framing guidelines, "DO NOT use clip frames or saw tooth hangers" both of those like to fall off walls for no reason.
    Is this just home use/for a friend or is it a show?

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    Re: Ikea Clip Frames

    I have used inexpensive ones for family photos and pictures that have far more emotional value than technical (I won't even venture to "artistic") merit. I like the look, especially with uniformly printed borders on the prints, and I have used various sizes to create a layout on the wall that looks pleasing and interesting (at least to me). I don`t know how the Ikea ones compare, but the ones I have seem to eat a grade of contrast, and the glass always seems to have a colour cast - plus there is a very noticeable issue (that I believe has been already mentioned) of what seem to be "pressure areas" - they look kind of like water has been trapped under the glass and flattened out (but less pronounced), or perhaps like a Newton "non-ring". From my experience, they are not really up to snuff for displaying any serious work - unless the Ikea versions are far superior in terms of glass quality. I believe a matt would solve the pressure spot issue - but the glass would still have to be up to snuff, and of course (again, from my experience) the clips are on the very edge of their design limits trying to hold such a "opulent" sandwich.
    Of course, this is just my personal experience, and I suspect the quality varies greatly depending on manufacturer and thus the materials used.

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