This weeks (and next weeks come to think of it) article in the Creative Image Maker online magazine is all about platinum / palladium printing and has been written by Scott Davis, whom some of you may know from over on the APUG forum.

The article shows you all you need to know to get started with this form of printing and takes a look at the equipment and chemicals that you'll need, the preparation required and how to go about actually printing your first platinum / palladium print as well as some troubleshooting hints and tips.

I've decided to split the article up over two weeks - the first week, starting on the 22nd January, looks at the history of this method, the equipment needed and the preparation. Next week (29th January) picks up from where we left off and sets out to show you how to actually make your first print.

I hope you enjoy it, and a massive "Thank you" to Scott for all his efforts in putting together this article with it's step-by-step images to help you along the way.

The article can be found at

David Vickers.