I've posted updated information on my website re: upcoming workshops in the first half of 2008: 2-day Intro to Large Format, 1-day Metering, 5-day "Spring in the Smokies", and varied Photoshop instructional courses:


I run 5-day "Full" classes (M-F) as well as 3-day weekend "Lite" classes (Fri-Sun). Emphasis is on layers, masks, and selections, tonality correction, color correction, and other essential topics that give problems to many photographers. For a full description and listing of sessions through early May, see this page:


2) Intensive METERING one-day course

I get many, many metering-related questions during field workshops, so I offer a one-day workshop that specifically covers just metering. Most emphasis is on spotmetering, including determination of contrast range, appropriate metering for transparency and negative film, determination of subject tonality, and more. If you're unsure how to get the perfect exposure without bracketing, this event is for you! For participants' convenience, I've scheduled these sessions to run just prior to other workshop events so that those attending one event can attend both in one trip. The next scheduled metering workshop is in Great Smoky Mountains NP, Townsend, TN on 18 April 2008. Details are here:


3) Introduction to LARGE FORMAT 2-day workshop

My popular Smokies workshops are coming up again this April, based in Townsend, TN. On Saturday-Sunday, 19-20 April 2008, is a 2-day "Intro to Large Format" session tailored to the new LF photographer, and includes everything to get you going in the right direction. The two morning discussion sessions include cameras and equipment, lenses and image circles, movements, finding the best focal point, and much more. Afternoons are spent in practice setup, where participants put the principles that we've discussed into practice; I provide personal attention to each participant, examining your practice setups and offering comments or suggestions for improvement.

Everyone learns a lot, and has a lot of fun at the same time! More info is available on my website here:


4) Spring in the Smokies 5-day field workshop

The Smokies "full" workshop takes place Monday-Friday, 21-25 April 2008. This session covers shooting in many areas of the park during the week; the majority of time is spent in the field for shooting. While the workshop is open to photographers of any camera format, it's specifically tailored to large format shooters, of which I have a majority. We maintain a leisurely atmosphere so that everyone has plenty of time in each location. This period catches the peak wildflower season as well as the wonderful week of bright, fresh foliage that disappears after the end of April.

Much more detailed information can be found by following links to each event from my website page:


Feel free to ask if you have questions.