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Thread: Inventors and innovators come forward

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    Re: Inventors and innovators come forward

    Jeffrey, the Gossamer Albatross folks made their tubing by winding carbon fiber around an aluminum tube, then pouring acid inside to eat away the aluminum.

    For those concerned about rack and pinions, a really good friction drive is possible. For years, my only experience with friction drives was the Calumet CC-400 series. They often last better than the Graphic View just because of a more durable drive, but its performance, particularly in the vertical position, isn't very impressive. Since then, though, I have run into a Japanese camera, the "FC", which has a friction drive that absolutely does not slip. Its aluminum rail has a groove with sloping sides and the little wheels that drive the focus drive on the sides, not the bottom, of the groove. The wheels look like bronze. (If anybody knows anything about this camera, particularly anything abour a lensboard and/or bellows frame source, please let me know.)

    I have had two other thoughts about drive mechanisms. I wonder if there are miniature chains and sprockets that could be used as rack and pinions. Similarly, perhaps a timing belt could be cut and laid flat for this purpose.

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    Re: Inventors and innovators come forward

    Quote Originally Posted by David A. Goldfarb View Post
    Well, since Mr. Henderson's post was from 2001, maybe that was it!
    Anything is possible. Hadn't noted the start date on the thread. Thanks.

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    Re: Inventors and innovators come forward

    I've had an idea for quite a while but am not all that sure it is possible: a light sensitive contrast film at the film plane producing a ND relative to intensity, the goal is contrast reduction like a grad ND except being formed by the image itself.

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