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Thread: Big Bertha's new john says Hello!

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    Re: Big Bertha's new john says Hello!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Sawyer View Post
    I've noticed many of the old threads are missing photos uploaded to this site. I'd guess they are deleted after a few years. Too bad, because so many of us search the old threads for information...
    That's because many images are hot linked, i.e. hosted elsewhere on image hosting sites and people clean their accounts every so often or even close them. It's something common to all Forums and isn't the Forum itself deleting images.

    It's not just images though it's links to deleted web pages and there's no way around it.


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    Re: Big Bertha's new john says Hello!

    This reminds me of my high school days in the early 40's. Three of us each owned a 4x5 Graflex and were always experimenting. At one point we used heavy mailing tubes to build a lens of about 60" FL. This we rested on a tripod in front of one of our Graflex cameras which was of course on its own tripod.. we learned we could only use the rig on very calm nights,and it was better if it was cool. Our best images were of just the cupola of the Tennessee State Capital approximately 2-3 miles from our hilltop location.
    I suspect that if three teenagers tried something similar today they would be questioned by authorities who would suspect them of being up to no good. What have we done to our young people with all our paranoia?

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