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Thread: Non traditional photographs

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    Re: Non traditional photographs

    Thanks, Donald, for starting this thread on abstract imagery. And I'm appreciative to all those who have posted truly abstract images for us to enjoy.

    However, wading through the plethora of images posted here that are decidedly representational, or derivatively representational so as to be inadequately abstract, I am now of the mind to think that, given the common understanding of the term 'abstract' as evidenced by many of these images, the term 'abstract' has now become a mere abstraction.

    BTW, I always understood your use of the term 'traditional' wasn't an art-history usage of the term, but rather 'common', 'ordinary', 'run-of-the-mill'.

    Thanks again.


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    Re: Non traditional photographs

    I have been thinking quite a bit about the terms non-traditional and abstract and the usage these words seem to attract and collect. Strictly speaking both abstract and non-traditional cannot be placed into specific categories or genres but I don't see that this is what is at issue here.

    So I began to think that what may be the case is that the photos being placed under non-traditional here are in some way questioning, refusing and challenging mimesis which is (at least?) an implied function with traditional categories of landscape, portrait, photo-journalism etc.

    (I am currently working on a series with the working title-- on the edges of representation; hence my interest in this. Sorry, don't have any 4x5's to post but have been considering motion blur and disfocus. Disfocus in the sense of not in focus in what may be considered an inappropriate way. There are examples posted which I noted with interest.)

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    Re: Non traditional photographs

    This picture is a homenaje to Donald Miller.

    I call it, "Imagen tradicional abstracta en busca de su esencia contemporánea."


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    Re: Non traditional photographs

    Quote Originally Posted by KenM View Post
    One of my faves....

    Rightly so!

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    Re: Non traditional photographs


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    Re: Non traditional photographs

    A couple from a series called Direct Forms. One of these will be up at a show at Gallery Five in Lewiston, Maine through February. Anyone in the area should drop by (opening this Wednesday.)

    Absolutely non-representational.

    More at

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    Re: Non traditional photographs

    Heres one.. I made an 8x8" holder, and here's one from the other day.

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