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Thread: practice paper?

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    practice paper?

    Just pulled the trigger on a HP B9180, first 'real' photo ink jet. I'm looking for some good practice paper, and paper recommendations in general. From what I've read so far some of the papers from Red River are good, but...since my whole experience so far has been on a variety of low end Epsons with the Epson Photo Matte paper, I figured I'd see if anyone could point me in a better direction.

    I'm interested in printing both color and B/W, and I lean more toward the matte paper end than glossy photo papers.

    Thanks--I've got so much new information banging around inside my head right

    PS: I hope this is in the right forum. If not, my apologies and please move it. Thanks.

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    Re: practice paper?

    Try Hahnemuhle PhotoRag. I wouldn't suggest practice paper. Over time, one's eyes get tuned to what their materials and processes can accomplish. If you don't use the same stuff all the time, you don't get the sensitivity.

    Just my 2cents.


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    Re: practice paper?

    Hello a.paul,

    Welcome. I agree with Lenny - Consider using paper that you would use to print. This process is not inexpensive, you might as well dive in and swim. My favorite paper (yours may be different) is Crane Museo Portfolio Rag. It is smoother than Photo Rag,
    hence my affinity for it. Try a few different ones using the proper profiles and see which is for you. Your opinion in this is all that matters.

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    Re: practice paper?

    Just started using it, but I like the Harman FB Alumina stuff with the 9180. Freestyle is doing a promo with the glossy and matt, buy one get one free. Haven't tried the matt yet but I ordered some to try out. The glossy looks good (cool side of neutral, somewhat silver gelatin-esque) with the canned HP advanced glossy profile.

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