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Thread: 40 Readyloads in a 20 box

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    40 Readyloads in a 20 box

    I included this bit of info as part of another post where it might not be widely seen, so I thought I'd post separately as it might be of wider interest if you need to save some space or carry more film.

    You can fit 40 readyloads into one readyload box designed to hold 20 sheets - no squashing or damage ensues. Remove the foil from two packs then stack the sheets with the clips alternating one end of the box then the other. Twice the number of sheets in the same space or half the space for the same number of sheets.

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    Re: 40 Readyloads in a 20 box

    Yep, that was I used to do when I do deep jungle expedition in Panay Island Philippines. Now that I use cambo 11x14 I can only take 4 double darkslides with me! Life was better with my porters when I used to shoot 4x5 compared to my current 11x14 stuff.

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    Re: 40 Readyloads in a 20 box


    Exactly what I did shipping my film from Zion to Boulder, CO. For airport security and carrying in the field however, I am able to get 50 sheets into a clear Tupperware container which is gasketed.


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