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Thread: Foam core source in Chicago?

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    Foam core source in Chicago?

    Is there a store in Chicago sells single sheets of white foamcore; All of the places I have tried sell only by 10 or 25 sheet packs. I'm looking for a couple of sheets to use as reflectors.

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    Re: Foam core source in Chicago?

    Ron, you'll need to check, but I would assume any blueprinting shops will have stocks of 4x8' foamcore. I get mine from the AB Reprographics around the corner from me, but I'm Fayetteville, AR, nowhere near Chicago. Local stocks are priced around $18 for a full sheet. Tough to transport home unless you have a truck/SUV/van, but my local shop will deliver to my residence, which helps, considerably. You might find a local that will do the same for you.

    Google search for Chicago-area repro-shops:

    Good luck.

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    Re: Foam core source in Chicago?

    Have you tried Dick Blick or Pearl? Superior Foamboards on 2700 w. Grand?

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    Re: Foam core source in Chicago?

    Why not use Gatorfoam instead of foamcore? Gatorfoam lies flatter and doesn't warp like foamcore.

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    Re: Foam core source in Chicago?

    Have you asked Central Camera or Calumet?

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    Re: Foam core source in Chicago?

    Central won't have big sheets. I bought a couple of full sheets at Pearl on West Chicago this summer.

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    Re: Foam core source in Chicago?

    I'm pretty sure that Helix has them too.

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