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Thread: critique this image

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    critique this image

    A thread for those who wish to have their images openly critiqued. I am interested in surveying the styles and communication for this process as well as learn something about art as it pertains to photography.

    Here's an image to start with: architecture, night, Canham 5x7, FP4 most likely, 240mm Fuji-A; my old high school. This image was rendered on a calibrated monitor.

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    Re: critique this image

    Overall, I like the composition. The sweeping curve of the brickwork makes a good counterpoint to the stairs. There is just enough detail in the shadow to make to make you want to peek in to see what is there.

    I do find fault with that one glare of light at the top that oversaturates the white beyond detail. If that can be printed down, it wouldn't draw the eye out of the composition as much as it does. Aside from that one nit...great job. I'd love to see an original print of it.
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    Re: critique this image

    I like it. I feel that the presence of the light at the top of the stairs makes the composition work for me - ones eyes "climb to enlightenment". I wouldn't pull back too much.

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    Re: critique this image

    I like it too, there isn't anything I would change, it seems like the maximum, ultimate juice you could ever possibly get out of such an ordinary subject.

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    Re: critique this image

    I like the composition a lot as well.
    The lighting in general confuses me a little, it makes look the composition more caothic, both the highlights on top of the fame and the shadows in the bottom.
    I would like to see some detail in the right column to balance the image in tonalities
    Again, the space is beautifully used, every little "inch" of the image is used with a purpose.

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    Re: critique this image

    Joe, The composition is very pleasing and I agree with Domenico regarding the detail in the top left and bottom right.
    Here goes: Lake Michigan, 8x10 E100vs, 305mm G-claron, no filter. drum scan.

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    Re: critique this image

    Quote Originally Posted by jetcode View Post
    I am interested in surveying the styles and communication for this process as well as learn something about art as it pertains to photography.
    Let's say we were to come upon this image with no context, not knowing the photographer, that it is someone's old High School, or that it was made with a view camera.

    • Perhaps we see it on display in a museum or gallery, or in someone's home. There it is, presented as a work of Art. What would an Art Critic say ?

    • By contrast, let's say we submit this same photo to a magazine, for a story about someone's experience of going to High School. What would the Art director say ?

    • What if we were to present it our fellow students, who are just learning how to use a View Camera. What would the students say ?

    • If Edward Weston were to bring this photo to us for our opinion, we would probably respond differently than if the same photo were presented by a beginner.

    So... What kind of critique would you like: artistic, journalistic, technical ? Do you want to be treated like a student, or a master ?

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    Re: critique this image

    The composition is great, but it is pretty flat. I think that is why this image does not evoke as much emotional response from me as it should

    If this is a negative scan, I suspect it would be hard to make a nice print.

    I know different monitors etc..., but an image with good contrast should look decent on a range of displays

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    Re: critique this image

    I think that Vittorio Storaro would do a killer job of lighting that space. It has a lot of potential, but it is not yet earning its keep. Have a look at Jeff Wall's recent image about a Vancouver nightclub.


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    Re: critique this image

    I look at this image, as I do most images, not so much a depiction of a "known object" but instead as "aspects of form" and on that basis this photograph is successful. I think the intermingling of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines is pleasing and very nicely balanced. The image shows detail in all regions on my calibrated monitor, if that is important...for me it is not.

    The curved surface provides a wonderful counterpoint and depicts an example of asymetrical balance to me.

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