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Thread: The Razzle in Action (Portraits)

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    Re: The Razzle in Action (Portraits)

    Los asked me a few questions via pm, I'm sure they have been answered already, but just in case, here are the answers:

    -how clear is the finder
    As clear as the camera is made to be (different Polaroids will be in a different overal state - mine is super-clear)

    -how bright are the framelines
    Fairly bright. Bright enough to see in all situations, but not as bright as a high-end 35mm or MF rangefinder.

    -and how contrasty is the rangefinder patch
    Again this depends on each Polaroid. Mine is good enough to focus in most if not all light conditions, and is fairly contrasty. It all depends on how the camera has aged - just like any RF camera.

    -i'm currently shooting with a canon VT and fuji 67 rangefinder, both with recent CLA's, so both are a pleasure to use when it comes to the viewer. how would you rate the viewer in your 900?
    This has been answered by those questions above, no?

    -is the ground glass bright?

    -would it benefit from adding a fresnel?

    -is the ground glass actually glass or a type of plastic?

    i would expect to use the viewfinder most often, but when on a tripod i would use the ground glass. how would you rate the ground glass?

    This camera isn't really for tripod work as far as I'm concerned. Of course, it can be used for it successfully.

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    Re: The Razzle in Action (Portraits)


    thank you for answering my questions. i saw a 900 sample (unconverted) in a mom-n-pop shop today. the patch was bright and contrasty, as were the framelines. finder could use a little cleaning, though. i also liked the size and weight of the camera, not much more cumbersome than my fuji rangefinder. i think i'll give it a try.

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